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The professional speaking industry consists of an estimated 40,000 plus speakers, trainers, and coaches in the United States. Speakers speak on a variety of topics that relate to professional and personal growth as well as business topics that will help your leaders and management rise to the top. In addition to speaking and training, others have authored books, created online courses, prepared webinars and podcasts, and personal/business coaching as well, leveraging their message.

During Covid, there were speakers who retired or changed careers. We have seen an increase over the past year with companies getting back to normal. Employees have returned to work and companies are focusing on regaining what they lost during 2020.

Not only is the speaking industry coming back to life, but some speakers are bringing in 6-figure incomes per year, but the added revenue from their non-speaking activities is on the rise. Now is the time to branch out with selling books and DVDs, offering online courses, consulting, and webinars. Did you know that these additional non-speaking markets can account for

How can we help?

We market speakers, trainers, and consultants. There is no upfront fee to join our list of prospects to be promoted to meeting planners. As industry standard, we retain 25% of booking fees to secure the booking, prepare the contracts and work out all the details for you.

We also offer design work for any marketing materials or website you may need. After the past two years, as the economy grows, you will want a fresh new look to get your name out there and set you above the competition. Our team of marketing specialists can assist you with all of this and more.

Not sure what you need to update or where you want to go from here, just call us for a free consultation where we will review what you have and make any recommendations to get you more exposure, increase your exposure and submit you for more bookings.

Contact us today to schedule a time to talk so we can learn more about what you do and what goals you want to achieve in 2022.

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